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Active Members


Professor of Management, UQ Business School, UQ
Research interests: Emotions in the workplace, leadership, culture, ethical behaviour

Paul W Atkins

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Positive Psychology and Education, ACU    
Research interests: Mindfulness, identity, teamwork

Adam Barsky

Academic, Management and Marketing, UniMelb    
Research interests: Business ethics, decision making, human resources, organisational agility, personality and emotions, research methodology, risk, social issues in management

Prashant Bordia

Professor, College of Business and Economics, ANU    
Research interests: Work and ageing, including post-retirement engagement with work, role identity processes in transition to retirement and work stress over the lifespan

George Chen

Professor & Deputy Director (HDR), Research School of Management, ANU
Research interests: Organisational behaviour in cross-cultural contexts, leadership, proactive behaviour (including voice), job insecurity, organisational commitment, Chinese management


Professor, College of Business, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Research interests: Proactive Behavior; Job Design; Leadership Behavior; Multilevel Research

Catherine Collins

AGSM Scholar, Business School, UNSW

Research interests: Teamwork, Team Development and Change, Employee Proactivity, Work Design, Organisational Ambidexterity​

John L Cordery

Provost, Curtin University
Research interests: Maximising the effectiveness of groups and teams in organisations

Associate Professor, Peter Faber Business School, Australian Catholic University

Research interests: trust, teams, social hierarchy, virtuality, cultural diversity, leadership, start-up teams, multilevel issues, meta-analysis.

Patrick Dunlop

Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Law, Curtin University
Research interests: Personnel recruitment and selection, psychometric assessments in high-stakes settings, framing recruitment messages, predicting attitudes and behaviour

Joanne (Jo) Earl

Associate Professor, Psychology, Macquarie University

Research interests: Career planning and development across the lifespan, retirement planning and adjustment, cognitive decline and financial literacy

Chris Earley

Dean, Business School, UTS

Research interests: Organisational psychology, behavioural relations, cross-cultural aspects of organisations, global teams, cultural intelligence​

Will Felps

Associate Professor, Associate Head of the School of Management, UNSW    
Research interests: Leadership and motivation, team effectiveness, employee turnover, career management, measuring expertise, business ethics, the management of science and mapping knowledge in scientific fields

Cyn D Fisher

Honorary Adjunct, Professor of Management, Bond Business School, Bond University
Research interests: Organisational behaviour, human resource management, training and development, research methods


Director Centre for Workplace Excellence/Professor of HRM.

Research Interests: Compensation; Motivation; Pay communication; Valuation of human capital; Alumni relationships; Influence tactics and methods; Business ethics.

Marylene Gagne

Professor at Future of Work Institute, Curtin University      
Research interests: Work motivation, self-determination theory, individual performance and well-being, volunteering

Associate Professor of Management, Melbourne Business School, UniMelb

Research interests: Behavioural Ethics, Organisational Justice, Workplace Deviance, Negotiation And Conflict Management, Positive Empathy.


Professor, Management and Organisations, UWA   

Research interests: Communication, interaction and effectiveness in teams, virtual teams, multicultural collaboration and identity, impact of culture on work behaviour, intercultural competency, international management, innovation, cross-cultural and technology-enabled communication, executive leadership, motivating employees



Nicole Gillespie

Professor Nicole Gillespie, KPMG Chair in Organizational Trust, Management Discipline, UQ Business School.

Research Interests: Trust Development and Repair, Stakeholder Trust, Leadership, Organizational Change, Virtual Work and Artificial Intelligence

Barbara Griffin 

 Professor, Department of Psychology, Macquarie University

Research interests: Older workers, incivility, risk culture, medical student selection​

Mark Griffin 

Professor , Future of Work Institute, Curtin University   
Research interests: Organisational safety, leadership, work performance, research methods, safety

Markus Groth

Professor, School of Management, UNSW    
Research interests: Service management, customer-employee interactions, emotions at work, organisational citizenship behaviour

Charmine E J Härtel

Distinguished Professor and Advisor to Head of Department of Management, Monash University
Research interests: Entrepreneurship and Family Business; Innovation Skills, Paradox Mindsets, and Design Thinking; Digital Coaching and Immersive Learning Technologies; Inclusive Work Design, Disabilities, Neurodiversity, Trauma, and Mental Health

Alex Haslam

Professor of Psychology and ARC Laureate Fellow, UQ
Research interests: Leadership, group processes, stress, creativity, tyranny, space

Beryl Hesketh

Emeritus Professor, Office of the Vice-Chancellor and President, UWS    
Research interests: Integrating theory and practice and applying fundamental psychological principles to a range of practical problems with a primary focus on decision-making

Peter A Heslin

Professor, School of Management, UNSW    
Research interests: Enabling growth mindsets, resilience, and cultivating employee engagement

Giles Hirst

Inaugural Chair of Leadership, Research School of Management, ANU 
Research interests: Creativity, innovation and social and organisational networks

Chris J Jackson

Professor of Business Psychology, School of Management, UNSW
Research interests: Laterality, neuropsychology, learning, motivation

Karen Jansen

Associate Professor, ANU College of Business and Economics, ANU
Research interests: Organisational behaviour, human resources management, organizational change and development, person-environment fit, time and process

Karen (Etty) A Jehn

Professor of Management, Melbourne Business School, UniMelb
Research interests: Conflict management, organisational behaviour, group processes and team effectiveness, research methodology, workplace diversity

Nerina L Jimmieson

Professor, QUT Business School, Management, QUT
Research interests: Occupational stress and employee health, organisational change management designed to improve workplace effectiveness

Senior Lecturer, Work and Organisational Studies, University of Sydney Business School


Research Interests: Emotions at work, Work design, Teams and team development, mental health and well-being, Performance

Peter J Jordan

Professor, Griffith Business School, Griffith    
Research interests: Performance in work teams, role of emotions in organisations, emotional intelligence, leadership in work teams, toxic emotions at work

Boris Kabanoff

Professor, QUT Business School, QUT
Research interests: Quantitative analysis of qualitative data, organisational values culture and strategy, organisational justice

Carol T Kulik

Research Professor in Human Resource Management, Business School, UniSA
Research interests: Effective management of workforce diversity, closing the gender gap in salary negotiations, reducing stereotype threat among mature-age workers, and motivating organisations to invest in diversity management

Kevin B Lowe

Professor Kevin Lowe, Leadership, The University of Sydney Business School

Research Interests: Leadership

Aleksandra Luksyte

Senior Lecturer, Management and Organisations, UWA Business School, UWA
Research interests: Overqualification/underemployment domain, effects of race, gender, age, and immigrant status on decision-making and employee performance and well-being

Amirali Minbashian

Associate Professor, School of Management, UNSW Sydney
Research interests: Performance, personality, affect, motivation, emotional intelligence

David Morrison

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation, Murdoch University
Research interests:

Andrew Neal

Professor, School of Psychology, UQ
Research interests: Work performance, safety and effectiveness, managing competing demands in complex, dynamic environments

Helena Nguyen

Senior Lecturer, Business School, University of Sydney

Research interests: Emotions at work, employee wellbeing, performance and human error

Tyler G Okimoto

Professor in Management & Deputy Head of School, UQ Business School, UQ    
Research interests: Conferral of status and legitimacy to women in leadership, conflict management/justice restoration, ethical decision-making in leadership, inter- and intra-group dynamics/organisational identification

Mara Olekalns

Professor of Management (Negotiations), Melbourne Business School, UniMelb    
Research interests: Negotiation, interpersonal communication, interpersonal trust, negotiators' ethics, impression formation, gender stereotypes

Cheri Ostroff

Director and Research Professor, Centre for Workplace Excellence, UniSA
Research interests: Organisational culture and climate, human resource management systems, diversity, socialization, fit between people and the organisation teams, the social context and relationship to unit performance

Jennifer Overbeck

Associate Professor of Management, Melbourne Business School, UniMelb
Research interests: Power, status and hierarchy, influence without authority, power over the career lifecycle, diversity, implicit bias, stereotyping and prejudice, ethics, psychology, negotiations, general management, organisational behaviour, organisational change

Sharon K Parker

ARC Laureate Fellow,

Director, Centre for Transformative Work Design

Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Curtin University
Research interests: Self-efficacy, creativity and innovation, psychological assessment, job performance, job and work design, employee proactivity, work motivation, team performance, attitude change, organizational psychology, health psychology.

Stacey L Parker

Senior Lecturer; School of Psychology, UQ

Research interests: Occupational health psychology; energy management; work recovery; work motivation; hidden costs of extrinsic rewards.

Kim Peters

Senior Lecturer in Organizational Psychology, UQ School of Psychology, UQ
Research interests: Communicating novel, emotional and social information, social comparisons in the workplace for motivation and performance, identity factors in communication, employee engagement, motivation and stress

Allanah Rafferty

Associate Professor, Griffith University
Research interests: Organisational change attitudes (e.g., change readiness), organisational change implementation, stress and coping during organisational change, transformational leadership, abusive supervision, organisational behaviour

Simon Lloyd D Restubog (CURRENTLY OVERSEAS)

Professor of Management and Organisational Behaviour, Research School of Management, ANU
Research interests: psychological contracts in employment relationships, antecedents, underlying psychological mechanisms, and consequences of destructive leadership, support and barriers in predicting career persistence and adaptability in both educational and work contexts

Ramon Rico

Associate Professor. Business School. UWA.

Research interests: Shared cognition; Team and leadership adaptation; Team diversity; Task design characteristics; Multiteam systems; Team process and effectiveness. 

Nik Steffens

Lecturer in Organisational Psychology, School of Psychology, UQ.

Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow

Research Interests: Leadership, Followership, Health and Well-Being, Motivation, Creativity, Self and Identity in Organisations.

Phyllis Tharenou

Vice President and Executive Dean, College of Business, Government and Law, Flinders University
Research interests: International careers, expatriates, skilled migrants, gender and careers

Herman Tse

Associate Professor, Monash Business School, Monash
Research interests: Leadership and organisational effectiveness, leader-member exchange relationships, transformational leadership, multilevel leadership frameworks, organisational behaviour and leadership

Mark Wiggins

Professor, School of Psychology, Macquarie    
Research interests: Organisational psychology, human factors, skill acquisition, training, diagnosis

Robert (Bob) E Wood

Distinguished Professor and Director, Futures Academy, UTS
Director, Centre for Ethical Leadership, The University of Melbourne

Research interests: Leadership, problem solving, learning and motivation

Gillian Yeo

Associate Professor, Management and Organisations, UWA
Research interests: Self-regulation, work recovery, energy management, work motivation, work goals, team leadership, play at work

Mike J Zyphur

Associate Professor, Faculty of Business & Economics, University of Melbourne    
Research interests: Statistical modeling in the social sciences, income, wealth, and health/well-being inequality in organisations and nations

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