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Prof Sharon Parker wins 2016 ARC Laureate Fellowship

Co-Director of the Accelerated Learning Lab at the University of Western Australia, Professor Sharon Parker, has recently been awarded a prestigious and highly competitive 2016 Australian Research Council (ARC) Laureate Fellowship. This is a massive achievement as only 16 Australian Laureate Fellows were recognised throughout Australia, and Professor Sharon Parker was the only Western Australian recipient in 2016.

This research grant recognises Professor Parker's ground-breaking and pioneering research on the changing nature of 'work'. The awarded $2.9 million (the single highest amount awarded this round) will support her efforts in pushing the boundaries of our understanding of how to optimise work in a digital world for a range of outcomes, including unleashing employee talent, and creating agile and effective organisations.

In addition to being the only Laureate awarded in Western Australia, Professor Parker also won the Kathleen Fitzpatrick award, which emphasises a focus on mentoring women in the social sciences. For more information, see the UWA News article: Ground-breaking work design researcher wins ARC Laureate Fellowship.

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